Store, Process and Report

The AO Storage Engine is an Enterprise Level Digital Asset Management System for full governance of files and assets that your business needs to manage.

DAMS systems have evolved over the last 10 years from the original concept of storage and cataloging files. 

Today, there are a whole range of features that an art department would expect from their DAM and all these features are available within the AO Storage Engine.


The DAM solution

AO Storage Engine is built on MongoDB with JackRabbit storage features. This ensures the system can scale to manage any scenario of documents and files required.

Coupled with Solar search capabilities and a range of automatic features to convert, capture and distribute images, videos, pdfs and any other file type required, you can be assured that all your teams storage need is catered for.


  • Massive Storage Capability

    The AO Storage System can store millions of images, videos, documents without risk.

  • Automatic Indexing

    Each file is automatically interrogated for content history with the results being made available to users to search on.

  • Automatic File Conversion

    Automatic file conversion based upon rules, can be applied to files including pictures and videos to ensure that images are the correct size, colour, resolution.

  • User Roles and Permissions

    Ensure only qualified and quantified images are made available to users within your business and to the various channels where your data is made avaiable

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