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What is AO Campaign?

AO Campaign is a suite of applications that provide PIM, DAM and Distribution of Products and the associated assets to different mediums including web, print, mobile and other digital services

Which companies can benefit from AO Campaign?

AO Campaign is perfect for companies that need to manage, distribute and market products and their associated information, images and video.

Furthermore, companies that manufactor or build products from components which require tracking and datasheets

How is AO Campaign Implemented?

Each customer can decide on the preferred configuration including on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Each instance of AO Campaign is a bespoke instance that functions independently of other AO Campaign deployments

What Features does AO Campaign Provide?


The software solution includes storage, workflow, task management, automatic metadata tagging, product hierarchy, granular version management, permission/role management and fully secure distribution functionality.

How much does AO Campaign Cost?

The cost can vary depending on a number of factors including the preferred customer solutions, components, number of users and method of implementation. Please call to discuss your requirements

What type of information does AO Campaign Manage?

Marketing text, images, video, pdfs, information sheets, itineraries and many other documents types and media can be captured, created, stored, manipulated and distributed with ease and control

How does the AO campaign System Scale?

Systems can grow from single servers to full High Availability configurations to ensure that if your business requires 1, 10 or 10,000 users, we can ensure the best user experience.

Full Backup and Recovery solutions can be implemented to ensure your business-critical data is safe and available

What Technologies does AO Campaign Use?

AO Campaign comprises of:

  • Clusters of MySQL and MongoDB solutions
  • Lucern search features.
  • AI Logic services and API
    JAVA based interfaces built on React.js
  • Adobe Indesign Plugins
  • Java based APIs
  • ETL solutions based upon JAVA Libraries

Who Creates Structure & Terminology for the AO Campaign System?


AO Campaign includes a full Administration interface that a System Manager can use to alter and adapt the product types, fields, permissions, users, workflows and any other aspect of the AO Campaign system

What types of devices are required to Access AO Campaign?

AO Campaign interfaces are built with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile access in mind using responsive technology and architecture.

Plugins for Adobe InDesign for Apple Macintosh are available for Designers to increase productivity and functionality

What components does AO Campaign Comprise of?


AO Campaign includes:

  • Tools to capture many different sources of information including APIs and internal systems
  • AI Logic to deduplicate products
  • Remapping of MetaData and Assets, including inheritance
  • DAM facilities for storage, manipulation and management of assets
  • PIM functions to allow users to curate, manage and distribute products
  • Print integration tools to InDesign and automatic PDF create functions
  • ETL integrations and Secure API management
  • Report Generation and Dashboards
  • Full Administration tools to customize and tailor the system to your particular business needs

What Services does AO UK Provide?

AO UK Offers:

  • Full consultation services
  • Complete training packages
  • 24 hours support
  • Online diagnostics
  • Either On-Prem or Cloud-based deployment
  • Full managed services offering

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