The Headless CMS

Headless, Time Aware and Channel Specific

Headless CMS

The definition of utilizing a headless CMS is managing your content in a system that is external to the display layer of a website or other mediums. Data is exposed to any third party by the means of an API.

Headless CMS

Build your product structure without coding…

The issue with Headless CMS is lack of structure, relationships and complex structures that are needed to manage products in relationship to other products, packages, variations and sets. Furthermore the issue with product lifecycles and release management is problematic to control.

The AO Campaign System is more than just a Headless CMS as it can incorporate multidimensional data, workflow and task management. Add to this the ability to release specific products into channels based upon time, structure and target system 


Selected Products and Data are placed into managed channels. Based on product/channel rules – data is collated and placed into time and channel specific repositories which are exposed to by APIs for the consumption of display layer systems – be that web, mobile, application or other third party systems


Complex relationships between products, variants, packages and channel specific distribution and exposure can be automated and reported on. 

Complex relationships can be restructured internally to ensure complete product sets for multichannel use can be created.



Transformations of datasets to create new datasets specific to channels and time can be created.

Furthermore, these highly available repositories of data can be further transformed by the use of GraphQL and other API tools

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