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History is Information


Today, publishing of information is steeped in the history of forgotten methods and mediums that in reality still need to be applied today to ensure data is presented to the audience in a form that is true, current and acceptable. 

AO was formed to assist large companies to transition from legacy print and vast storage issues of information that could not be lost of forgotten to more modern, streamline methods utilising digital and electronic tools. Those lessons that AO has grown with over the last 20 years are still fundamental to how customers can benefit from the system today.

Customers, service and solutions coming together to form partnerships is one of those lessons that we still apply today ensuring smooth integration and lasting relationships built on trust

AO UK | PIM DAM & MDM Timeline

Before AO

All AO personnel have come from large corporate organizations involved in enterprise digital and database publishing environments. Backgrounds include Time-Warner, Kodak, Horsell-Anitec, Agfa, Scitex and the first Apple Macintosh desktop publishing bureau in the UK and travel industry companies such as Qantas Holidays and JetSet Travel Group.

It was a common desire of the founding team to deliver sophisticated and elegant solutions to companies of all sizes without the overbearing bureaucracy that is endemic in the corporate world but without compromising on quality and speed of delivery.


AO was formed in 1996 (originally as AO International s.a. based in Belgium) and for over 24  years AO has been consulting with and solving many larger company’s omnichannel publishing challenges while delivering customer-focused service.

AO initially focused on primarily print channels of  Newspapers, Magazines and Graphics Arts markets though it quickly became clear that companies struggled with the growth of providing solutions to both online and offline solutions.

Customers quickly adapted their processes to utilise the functionality and the complex nature of Travel quickly established itself as a key market sector for AO due to the complex nature of product type relationships. Key functions of the system were enhanced to meet the requirements and then taken advantage of by the retail and medical sectors

AO UK growth and future

In March 2005, AO UK Ltd was formed to consolidate all services and software solutions that had been developed and to focus on the Retail, Travel and Medical markets.

In this time, AO UK has grown to include development and support teams located in Russia, Australia and the USA.

AO is highly experienced in working with management that endorses change while supporting company-wide personnel who realize and execute technological and process re-engineering and implementation from the ground up.

In summary; AO helps to minimize the negative effects of restructuring while facilitating the benefits of change – which means saving production costs and increasing sales through the greater reach of the products via any media channel.

AO UK | PIM DAM & MDM Time Release Management

Our Mission Statement​


Allow customers to market their products in the most versatile and configurable manners they can imagine while ensuring the experience is fun and engaging for all​​

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