Intergration and Connectivity

The AO UK Team

APIs and Integration


AO Campaign supports connections to other apps and services through industry-standard interfaces and protocols such as REST, SOAP and JDBC. 

AO UK uses server-side logic driven by APIs to interact both with our own tools and also third-party tools.

Customers can build rich tools using these APIs to embed the AO Campaign system and the customizable datasets into the heart of the enterprise. 


API Management and filtration ensuring the AO Campaign can deliver the data as required


Pentaho is business intelligence software that provides data integration, OLAP services, reporting, information dashboards, data mining and extract, transform, load capabilities


AO UK can deploy in a number of environments including AWS as well as on-metal or in your own datacenters


Microservice architectures coupled with event-driven streaming services allow for simple integration driven by Java


Using our own plugins, it is possible to connect Adobe to the AO Campaign system and bi-directionally channel your information to print​

Mongo DB

The storage management of data within the AO Campaign System uses Mongo DB at the heart with information stored as JSON​


AO UK is able to work with AWS S3 or alternatively with MinIO as the physical storage medium for Images and video


MySQL is the method of choice for storing relational information including access privileges, workflows and metadata​


RabbitMQ is the most widely deployed open-source message broker which allows for tighter integration and process-driven services

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