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Welcome to world of AO and the wonderful team of people that make sure that work is fun.

This page is a guide to AO and how it works as a business and includes some of the current partners, website and general information that is needed to start you on your exciting journey

Remote Working

Most of the staff are remote workers though offices do exist in the UK and in Russia. As a team, we use Slack as the main communication tool that allows us to message, video and also track what is happening with our customer base

Time Zones

We are a global company hence different people are awake and working at different times.
This can be a challenge but is something that is understood and appreciated in AO. Let everybody know if you are not aviable for a meeting or zoom call etc. It is normal to have a family life

Social Media

AO is a technology company, therefore promotes the active use of Social Media - hence if you have something to say or annoucements that you want to shout out about - feel free to post this on slack and that you are happy to have this released to the world, and our media managers will get right to it


Here are list of links to services that AO uses in a day to day capacity. If you need to access the systems, please shout out and it will be sorted!

Add remember... It should be fun!

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