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AO UK Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Key to a successful project

AO UK values the use of quality Project Management to ensure the delivery of its solutions as a service, hence offers Project Management as a service. Our PMs are fully qualified and understand the challenges that are faced.

The scoping process is one of working with the customer in defining;
  • what your situation is now
  • where you wish to be
  • discussing, debating, exploring and simulating (as much as possible) what should be implemented
  • and then agreeing and deciding what should be put in place; i.e. any developments required, roll-out  programs, training, integration and on-going support
Finally, the exact technology requirements evolve as a natural consequence of this process e.g. number of users, modules and utilities and the degree of integration necessary with the existing system environment is clearly defined.

Time - Scope - Budget

The three key drivers
Finding the balance between the three largest constraints is a key driver for AO UK and its staff. Each is important but impacts the success of the system and the effectiveness of the end result.
Furthermore, AO UK can identify targets that need to be addressed throughout the project:
  • Clear defined goals
  • Budget Restrictions
  • Methods of Communication
  • Reporting and Escalation
  • Skillsets
  • Scope creep
  • Engagement of stakeholders
  • Risk Management
  • Accountability
  • Deadlines and Milestones
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Work Packages

Breaking down projects into manageable units of work

Work packages are groups of related tasks within a project. Generally considered projects themselves, they are often thought of as sub-projects within a larger project.

Work packages are the smallest unit of work that a project can be broken down into when creating your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Tasks are typically grouped into work packages based on geographical area, skillset, technology, or the time needed to accomplish them.

Prioritising and calculating the work package dependencies are also key to delivery and success.

Furthermore, the ability to quickly identify issues and escalate quickly becomes simpler and more transparent

Proven Methods

AO UK has provided Project Management Services to many High Street and Online Retailers Worldwide with the aim of realising the full benefit of harnessing and managing the Product LifeCycle

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