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AO Workshops and Scoping Services

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The Scoping Process


AO UK values the use of quality Project Management to ensure the delivery of its solutions as a service, hence offers Project Management as a service. Our PMs are fully qualified and understand the challenges that are faced.

The scoping process is one of working with the customer in defining;
  • what your situation is now
  • where you wish to be
  • discussing, debating, exploring and simulating (as much as possible) what should be implemented
  • and then agreeing and deciding what should be put in place; i.e. any developments required, roll-out  programs, training, integration and on-going support
Finally, the exact technology requirements evolve as a natural consequence of this process e.g. a number of users, modules and utilities and the degree of integration necessary with the existing system environment is clearly defined.

AO Scoping Workshops

The Scoping Workshop has the objective of covering the following areas:
  • Current Workflow
  • Desired Workflow
  • Structure
  • Population
  • Implementation
The Workshop uses a process of:
  • Research
  • Debate
  • Decision

to come up with the protocol of the Workshop which will act as a guideline during the implementation of the relevant and selected modules from the AO Campaign suite of applications.

AO UK | PIM DAM & MDM Workshops 2
AO UK | PIM DAM & MDM Workshops 3

AO Implementation Workshops​


Following on from the Scoping Workshop, AO carries out a process that is appropriate for the implementation of an omnichannel, product information and content publishing system.

An approach is recommended that satisfies both technology and business requirements and assists the adoption of AO Campaign and/or other technology in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

The Implementation Workshop often finalizes and fine-tunes database structure issues (field definitions, statuses, naming conventions) and other more specific issues for which there was neither space nor time nor was appropriate during the plenum Orientation sessions.

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